This plane was traveling Southwest on the West side of Ford Island when it suddenly began to cartwheel, crashing into the water West of our hangar. Someone had shot off one of its wings.

A second memory that stands out in my mind involves the shooting down of a Japanese plane in which our squadron had a part. A plane was crossing the landing strip from East to West when all of our gunners were shooting at it. We could see our tracer bullets going through the fuselage. Just as it passed over our hangar, it burst into flames. We expected it to crash in the channel, but the pilot guided his plane to crash on top of the USS CURTIS. You could say this was the first “kamikaze” of the war.

Another vivid memory I have is of a midget submarine that surfaced in the channel just West of our hangar. These midget subs had two-man crews and two torpedoes. They had to surface before they could fire the torpedoes. This one appeared to be aiming at the USS CURTIS anchored across the channel from us in a Northwesterly direction. The gunners on the CURTIS were quicker on the trigger than the sub and began shooting at it with 5" guns. While I was watching, two holes appeared in the conning tower of the sub. That not only spoiled his aim, but stopped him from firing a torpedo. It began to sink.