Someone had invited Captain Fuchida to Maui to tell his story. I had mixed feelings about going to hear him. I still harbored some of these feelings of hatred from the war. How should I, as a Christian, react to this man who tried to kill me fifteen years before... even if he had become a Christian? Should I shake his hand or shoot him? I decided to go and hear his story anyway.

After he finished, I went up to him and introduced myself as a survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack. He bowed politely and said in Japanese, "Gomenasai." (I’m sorry.) Then he said in English, "Please forgive me." He reached out to shake my hand. As our hands touched, all the hatred and animosity toward this man and his country was gone! God had replaced those feelings with forgiveness!

We shook hands, not as former enemies, but as brothers in Christ. We both had received God’s mercy and forgiveness. I discovered that day the secret to world peace. And I firmly believe I survived Pearl Harbor, World War II, the Vietnam War, three open-heart surgeries, and an inoperable heart attack, just so I could share this story with you.

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